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Bye bye!

Hi I'm making my journal friends only from now on. But if you add me to your friends list I promise I'll add you back!~xxx~

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leave me on your list!

lol don't worry I will!~xxx~
put me on then :P
You're already on it!~xxx~
put me on amber! :) hehe
thanks mucho for the piccies :) i've already got the first 2 but haven't seen that 3rd one, who's that 3rd guy with joe and si? anywayz thanks :) g'night x
Okay I'll add you! I think I meant to but forgot to actually lol! Yeah that 3rd guy with curly blonde hair is the director of all the InMe videos calld Harvey. I actually saw them take that picture, nudged someone and said "what's Harvey doing to Joe and Si?" I'm sending you some pics from when they were in Japan right now.~xxx~

Deleted comment

*sings* Cuntette!!!
Ooooooo i wanna join in Colette!

*sings* Ambers a...cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt.

Deleted comment

awww you gonna set your midget on me again? lol you're sooo fucking funny!
*sings along* yessss Cuntette! Is it your favourite word or is it because you like to get it out for your sister to draw?

Deleted comment


May 13 2003, 12:39:29 UTC 13 years ago

i could say the same 2 u colette
lol let's see you cyber punch shall we??? come on then big girl!


May 13 2003, 12:38:36 UTC 13 years ago

maybe its the only word she knows...she is intellectually challenged....i wanna join in the singing *cuntette*...