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6 years!

 I just wrote an entire post and I have some how deleted it all. 

So in a bad mood I write this. I have remembered I have a Live Journal account. After a few login attempts I'm in and I look aghast at my 21 year old self. All I can do it apologise.

Next comes the contemplation of whether to continue with the account or create a new one. I decided to continue with this account as looking back I've decided the working world as made me weary and less enthusiastic about writing. The 21 year old Amber's spirit has not yet been broken so I'm stepping into her shoes to try and ignite the fire. 
I currently work in catering in an NHS building. It's tiring, boring and I know that I'm worth more. It also doesn't pay well. I worked out recently I apply to about 24 jobs a year and get 2 interviews. I seem to have been born in an age were education means nothing.
I am watching Festivals Britannia on BBC4 it is my favourite documentary.  
I should also state it's a Friday night and I'm staying in mainly because I have developed a cold. I have a sore throat and it hurts! I also went to Glade festivals last weekend - it was awesome!
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